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Seems Anil Dash is actually widely analogous. Who Knew? Judgment passed on you by the internet can be worse. Nice work, Philipp Lenssen.

Nietzsche For Dummies

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5 Aug 2007

If le ridicule ne tue pas and what doesn’t kill you make you stronger, then surely ridicule makes you stronger? (How is it I never added a “nonsense” category to this blog?)

Wired and Clickz recently exposed what should have been obvious from the get-go: sponsoring corporate “land” in Second Life is a plain-and-simple waste of money. If you’re a marketer and you’re trying to act less like a sheep and do something that actually works, consider these two ideas: – Sponsor busy sites such as Curse […]

I’m teaching my 6-year old daughter how to play Desktop Tower Defense. Is it the moral equivalent of being a pregnant crack whore? Anway, my kid is making progress through the easy mode. Myself, I’m stuck at level 84 of the $10K challenge. Damn flying critters.

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