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I’m a small business co-owner, but we’re also a growing business, and ambitious at that. Dear “Enterprise” software vendor that desperately tries to look mightier than it is, understand that I’m making sure it’s in our DNA to filter out your opaque, overly complex sales processes from the get-go. Not only will we not look […]

As much as I think Chile can be world class in some areas, its web sites are usually a parody of bad mid-90’s layouts and broken code. Exhibit A: popular starting page (competitor isn’t much better). However, a few people stand out and clearly know what they’re doing. Not only is Skybox running […]

There’s sound, healthy skepticism about crazy conspiracy theories (“George Bush paid Mossad to blow up the Pentagon with a missile and make believe it was a plane”). Then there’s plain stupidity. People dismissing speculation about what caused the backbone cable cuts leading to massive outages in the Middle East and India as “tinfoil hat thinking” […]

Got the worst and best out of Macy’s today. It didn’t start that well. They have a clearance right now but when it was time to pay on their site, they wouldn’t take my debit card. Since I have a Visa with a US bank that I order with on American web sites all the […]

Steve F., web developer, Maine USA: “I gotta go help my girlfriend with the snow blower, her car’s stuck.” Olivier T., COO, Central Chile: “Sure. Meanwhile I’ll go walk along the beach to ogle the hotties in thongs hired to promote bear and cheap perfume.” I’d post a picture but it would turn my blog […]

Apparat – Walls

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6 Feb 2008

Walls is one of those albums showing that two decades in, electronic music still has legs. There’s really good stuff coming from Germany these days. I haven’t been in Berlin since about 18 months after the fall of the wall (crap, I can’t remember for sure whether I went there in the summer of ’90 […]

Excellent post last month on the Google Gears blog. We have a few people that like to live in the countryside where all they can get is high-latency satellite broadband. I’m myself considering buying land here in Chile where the best internet access I may get for the foreseeable future is 3.5G (UMTS/HSDPA) (not sure […]

We’ve started to (carefully) explore to what extent there might actually be value in the current crop of social networks. We were involved in earlier waves – from Ryze to the now defunct Soflow – with little to show for it, so we chose to sit out of Facebook and Twitter for a long time, […]

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