14 Jun

Why I Unsubscribed from The Economist

I used to really like this magazine. A couple years ago they changed their Editor in Chief. Seems the new guy’s goal is to turn it into another wishy washy leftist vehicle. Look, there’s Newsweek, Michael Moore movies and countless others for the reality-challenged masses. Suddenly The Economist was publishing articles blaming Estonia for daring to move a statue erected to praise their Russian invaders. Now there’s routinely similar nonsense such as this on corporal punishment citing the indisputable authority of the UN or some semi-literate social “scientist” no doubt confusing correlation with causation. Seems the government is superior to parental judgment on educational matters. Yeah, Sweden for everyone! Confusing a regular spanking with abuse is about as dumb as it gets. I’ll spank whenever I feel it’s the only option left to get some sense into my kids. (As an aside and just to get it off my chest, on such issues my view on the opinions of childless people is, shut the fuck up, have kids of your own and show us what a great parent you are.)
I now fully expect a glowing endorsement for Barack Obama. Hay for change and hope! Free rainbows and unicorns for all! Another publication goes the PC crap drain. Oh well. We’re in a “stagflation/stop the war” mood these days so I guess it’s not fashionable to be a right-winger, just like in the 70’s. Big thumbs down to George Bush for screwing up the conservative cause so badly.