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I’m thinking of buying an unlocked Nokia E71 (about $400 at Newegg, the Blackberry Bold isn’t really available unlocked yet at decent prices, and the iPhone has half a dozen dealbreakers for me). I want a device for use in various countries in South America, North America and Europe to have easy voice, email and […]

For your entertainment: the Hollywood overwhelming leftist bias in numbers. To be taken with a grain of salt given PoliticalBase’s elusiveness about how it collects the data and where it’s coming from. It makes it hard to know how thorough or accurate this representation is. But it matches my expectations (did you say right-wing bias?) […]

Latin Drum Grooves

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22 Aug 2008

The full drumset is not really a central instrument in Latin music (as opposed to a bunch of percussion instruments), nonetheless many Latin grooves are playable on a drumkit, especially if you add a couple cowbells and woodblocks. Since I play on electronic drums, I can just add whatever sample I want on any of […]

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