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Sure, Organizr is great, and the folks at Ludicorp work impressively fast. However, please stop calling it and others like it web applications (I’m not saying its creators do, but others introduce that confusion, starting with Macromedia). This is a Flash application that doesn’t expose its state to its host browser (to the best of […]

Joel Spolsky is getting a lot of mileage for his essay, How Microsoft Lost the API War, and it’s deserved because there are a lot of good things in there. For instance, the fact that you (mostly) don’t have an install process to run web apps (or console games for that matter) is definitely something […]

Photoshop Album is one of those rare applications that make meta tagging so easy that even "normal people" can use it. Now, let’s say I want to create a taxonomy and share it with other users, is there a way to do it so that a) they don’t need to re-create those tags, and b) […]

MT3 perspective

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30 Apr 2004

Tim Appnel, one of the developers most familiar with Movable Type, provides some interesting perspective about MT 3 (Tim helped us architect and develop some of the things done at MarketingVox, where by the way I’m not active on a day-to-day basis anymore): "Perhaps 3.0 isn’t deserving of the dot 0 label, but I could […]

Here’s a recap of the Outlook plugins/add-ins I’ve heard about so far: Newsgator (RSS aggregator) Plaxo (contact management) Taskline (time and task management) Getting Things Done (inbox management) Lookout (search) Cloudmark and Spambayes (spam filters) Anagram (data entry acceleration) PayPal Payment Wizard (online payment) Newslook -NNTP reader, added 04/26/04 But there are in fact a […]

I’d like to easily know whether some musicians I admire ever collaborated, when I think the combination of their talents would be a good match. Say, did Maceo Parker ever play with Ray Anderson, or Stanley Clarke with Herbie Hancock and Billy Cobham, or what about the five jamming together for chrissakes? If they did, […]

I just read a post on I-Sales about bidding wars on search engine keywords, and it occured to me that Overture’s model is great because there are only so many words in the English language (or any language for that matter), whereas advertising models based on banner inventory have the laws of supply and demand […]

You’ve probably seen the scientology or Critical IP counter-campaigns, led by people who tried (and succeeded) to alter Google search results ranking through heavy linking from many different sites. Just now, Sylvain Carle wants to come first for d

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to managing and growing an MP3 collection, based on software suggestions and tips. Your mileage may vary, and I’m still learning, but this should help newbies get started, and teach a thing or two to more advanced users. More related information can be found at sites such as and CD […]

See how Priceline and Webex compare: PCLN lost all of their partial recovery, while WEBX has been bouncing quite strongly. And did you notice people are now starting to make fun of the Sept. 11 events (like the fake picture of a tourist posing on top of the WTC, unaware of the plane coming behind […]

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