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If they really do have 2,000 Pro members at $49/mo or $399/year, that’s around $1M/year provided there’s not egregious churn and depending on the monthly vs. yearly mix (I suspect there’s a majority of monthly subscriptions). Those are their self-reported numbers but the service seems well executed and I have no reason to doubt their […]

A few months ago, a rep at Rackspace (one of our two hosting companies at the time) laughed at me when I unfavorably compared their bandwidth rates to Amazon’s. I mean, he actually laughed. I probably got started in the IT business before the brat even got out of high school. They chose to have […]

My friend Tig and I are proud to introduce Defense Industry Daily, a niche blog/online trade rag dedicated to defense contractors and procurement managers. Like MarketingVox, the publication is medium-agnostic and accessible on the web, by RSS and by email (the later will be introduced shortly). DID is edited by Joe Katzman of Winds of […]

Peter Merholz observes that R&D departments within large corporations, be they in the pharma or software industries, have a hard time getting their research papers and prototypes translated into actual products. I don’t necessarily agree with Peter’s admittedly cursory opinion of Microsoft Research, whose output actually happens mostly under the hood in the database space, […] Never Mind the Music "Beyond the digital revolution, however, there’s arguably a much more profound transformation going on at EMI. As Faxon explains, during the growth years of the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s – "when we were cash machines" – EMI was like all the other record companies, "putting employees first, then the artists […]

Umair Haque: The New Economics of Music: File-Sharing and Double Moral Hazard "Moral hazard happens when the actions of an agent can be hidden from a principal, creating agency costs – because the agent is able to shirk, take additional risks, and generally not deliver on his end of the bargain. In this case, the […]

Knowledge@Wharton Online music’s winners and losers This moronic article takes the current recorded music value chain as a given basically swallowing the whole RIAA party line), without even questioning the 99-cent-a-song pricing. Guys, this is a digital product. We’re talking about moving electrons and bits of content that has for the most part been amortized […]

Do a couple searches on and it’s obvious they don’t care about music at all. From spelling mistakes (for instance "Anne Peebles" — it’s Ann) to the underlying assumption that the track is the core product, this is an amateurish effort from a web delivery perspective, and an insult to the music lover. A […]

Wharton: Suing Your Customers: A Winning Business Strategy? "In 1903, when Henry Ford launched the Ford Motor Company, his third attempt at making cars, automobiles were high-priced, custom-made playthings for the rich. What

TEOF: Harvard Professor Proposes Socialist Solution to Online Music Here’s a more detailed rant following a post I just published on the more serious (all things relative) TEOF. In countries such as France and Germany you pay taxes on blank media. What’s very funny is the corruption of government in collusion with big business. See, […]

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