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Over many years I’ve found a lot of good hardware and neat apps that work well together. In the spirit of the setup and how I work interviews, here’s my advice on picking desktop hardware, some of my favorite software, and various productivity shortcuts, all of which may prove useful to other multi-monitor Windows users who work with […]

Like many people developing with WordPress, I used to use XAMPP to run a Linux/Apache/MySQL stack under Windows. This beats developing directly off a remote server by a long stretch (in case anybody still does that), but it turns out to be quite a hassle as you wrestle with / vs \ in paths and […]

I have been consuming newsfeeds since Pointcast (1996) and CDF/IE 4.0 (1998) so obviously once RSS gained momentum about a decade ago, I got hooked. It remains my main way to keep on top of both fresh news and background material. In recent years I tried several times setting up Twitter (by itself and via […]

The marketplace for tools helping interactive marketers with their tests, tracking, and optimizing, seems more vibrant than ever. More and more small companies know what the issues are and work on helping solve them. Unfortunately, tools are time consuming – it’s not copying some javascript in a CMS template that’s really the problem, it’s all […]

As recently as 18 months ago it seemed there wasn’t much to handle software product development except either bug databases, generic wikis and intranet platforms, or maybe expensive and (for my purposes) cumbersome enterprise software, which is not what I’m interested about. Now that I’m looking again at this though (we need something to keep […]

Sure, Organizr is great, and the folks at Ludicorp work impressively fast. However, please stop calling it and others like it web applications (I’m not saying its creators do, but others introduce that confusion, starting with Macromedia). This is a Flash application that doesn’t expose its state to its host browser (to the best of […]

The Web Accessibility Toolbar: "has been developed to aid manual examination of web pages for a variety of aspects of accessibility. It consists of a range of functions that: identify components of a web page facilitate the use of 3rd party online applications simulate user experiences provide links to references and additional resources." This is […]

New feature list: Cross-browser support (Mozilla 1.3+, PC/IE 5+) Button/DropDown feedback Localization (create your own language files) Inline toolbar customization Back button support in IE Office 2003 Style External JavaScript Completely recoded as a development platform A couple .NET blog/portal platforms already use this nice editor control.

FeedBurner, done by the people behind the much-missed SpyOnIt, applies a bunch of transformation to RSS and Atom feeds. Here’s my trackable Atom feed. (Yes, I’m actually proud of the bad pun in this post’s headline.) 05/04/05 update: FeedBurner Fully Financed For Future Feed Formatting Fun.

FetchLinks, a Newsgator plugin, retrieves web pages within Outlook for those RSS feeds that contain a link but no description. I’m subscribed to a bunch of NewsIsFree feeds for which it proves to be very convenient. The plugin has just been updated so that you can choose whether you want to use it (as opposed […]

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