18 Dec

Vonage Tests Softphone

Om Malik: When Vonage goes portable

"[T]he company had developed a Beta version of a "softphone" a piece of software that resides on a PDA (read Pocket PC) or a Laptop and can connect to the internet using a WI-Fi connection. This also comes with its own phone number and can be mapped with your local phone number (assuming that you use Vonage phone service.) A Mac OS-X client is in the works as well and will out fairly soon."

08 Dec

Progress on the mp3 Metatagging Front

I’ve mentioned Helium a couple of times as my favorite music management app. It still has a few flaws but the developers are working on it:

  • BPM automatic calculation (great for Tracktor DJs, this feature doesn’t work well right now)
  • External data queries to retrieve artist info, style, tone and more from Allmusic.com and other sources.
    Other interesting related apps:

  • MP3tag can be used to rename files based on their tags, which is useful if you’re taking files with long truncated names from CD-R to hard drive. (Helium does that too but maybe you don’t care to buy it.)
  • The Godfather handles richer external queries than Helium right now.
  • Winamp 5 is said to be much better than the bloated 3.0.
    04/02/04 update: key data (as in B#, Gb) is missing, some DJs subscribe to Camelot Sound Services to know what tracks will mix harmonically.

  • 24 Sep

    Notes on Photoshop Album

    Michael Sippey:

    "Where it shines, though, is its application and use of photo metadata. Adding categorization to photos is a drag-and-drop action, or a right-click action, or a menu-driven keyboard aware action — on a single photo or multiple photos at once. Recognizing that facial recognition software hasn’t quite migrated to the desktop, Adobe has made it dead simple for the user to add labels to their photographs. Not only that, the design of the UI encourages the use of those labels, making it easy to filter a contact sheet view of photos by one or more labels (categorized by "people," "places" and "events"); or by time, through a sliding timeline or a popup monthly calendar."

    Looks like a good replacement for ACD See, which we haven’t found to be very stable.

    15 Sep

    Cool Recent Software Releases

    In the last 10 days or so Trillian Pro 2.0 and Helium 1.7.1 were released. Essential software in both cases. Trillian’s meta contacts are useful, while Helium’s album cover management is quite cool. As to Skype, no I didn’t try it yet (last week was spent struggling with, then making tons of phone calls with Vonage) but I’m about to, as I’ve recurring problems with voice support under MSN Messenger.

    05 Aug

    Newsgator 1.3 release

    This release adds offline posting, draft mode, NNTP support, as well as many small bug fixes and improvements. And I don’t know whether that’s new or not, but I just saw in feed options that you can select whether you want to treat modified items as new or not.

    02 Aug

    Browser-based Image Editing for the Masses

    CMS Watch:

    "Now Ektron is offering browser-based image editing as an extension to its nearly ubiquitous rich text editor, eWebEditPro. That means it could be showing up in a CMS near you before too long. Like all approaches to browser-based decentralization, there are ample opportunities for abuse here — you don’t want everyone editing images for the same reason you don’t want everyone editing press releases. But we think there are even greater opportunities to train staff to perform basic image manipulation (e.g. scaling, cropping) within the CMS, rather than outside the system…"

    29 Jun

    What is Leszynski inTegrate?

    This application lets you create forms in Visual Studio with a tablet PC or pointing device. I’d love to see such an app work on top of Powerpoint and Visio for rapid but clean-looking visual prototyping with my new Aiptek Hyperpen tablet. The fact is, I can’t draw straight lines but I find early propotyping with the mouse slow. Besides we’re a 100% virtual team so we can’t use a whiteboard (drool) to share ideas with my partners. For now I’ll probably use my tablet for simple screenshot anotation (a la E-Quill).