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Over many years I’ve found a lot of good hardware and neat apps that work well together. In the spirit of the setup and how I work interviews, here’s my advice on picking desktop hardware, some of my favorite software, and various productivity shortcuts, all of which may prove useful to other multi-monitor Windows users who work with […]

I just bought a prepaid data package from Claro, one of the three mobile telcos here in Chile. After fumbling with their settings (their APN for prepago banda ancha is, not I’ve just completed a successful call with my Teliax account on my Nokia E71 to my Vonage account. The chain involved goes […]

Quick notes on apps I’m using with my E71 smartphone: Nimbuzz and Fring because (unless I’m being really dense here), Skype Mobile doesn’t support free skype-to-skype calls over WiFi. I’m using Teliax as an SIP provider. (This would give me a cheap option on the move, as well as a Vonage/Skype backup at home since […]

I’m thinking of buying an unlocked Nokia E71 (about $400 at Newegg, the Blackberry Bold isn’t really available unlocked yet at decent prices, and the iPhone has half a dozen dealbreakers for me). I want a device for use in various countries in South America, North America and Europe to have easy voice, email and […]

We’ve started to (carefully) explore to what extent there might actually be value in the current crop of social networks. We were involved in earlier waves – from Ryze to the now defunct Soflow – with little to show for it, so we chose to sit out of Facebook and Twitter for a long time, […]

Jon Udell has a good conversation (with very good audio quality) with Neil Giarratana, the president of a small web shop based off Keene, NH. This stroke very close to home (so to speak!) since our HQ is based in Vermont but we have people all over the place: Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Georgia, Montana, […]

Web workers looking to spend some time or possibly relocate to Chile may want to check our entries on the fledgling Chile Wiki: internet access and VOIP. I bought the Draytek 2910g router I mentioned a couple months ago though I’m not using its dual wan capacity yet (will do once we have found our […]

Wired and Clickz recently exposed what should have been obvious from the get-go: sponsoring corporate “land” in Second Life is a plain-and-simple waste of money. If you’re a marketer and you’re trying to act less like a sheep and do something that actually works, consider these two ideas: – Sponsor busy sites such as Curse […]

I’m teaching my 6-year old daughter how to play Desktop Tower Defense. Is it the moral equivalent of being a pregnant crack whore? Anway, my kid is making progress through the easy mode. Myself, I’m stuck at level 84 of the $10K challenge. Damn flying critters.

Five Years

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12 Oct 2005

I’ve been blogging on this site for five years and a couple of days. I didn’t pay attention to the exact date. Did you celebrate your first five years of email? Of course not, it’s just something you happen to do. Hype and inflated domain prices apart, blogging became a mainstream, natural thing to do, […]

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