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For some reason I hadn’t bumped into Reger yet, but it’s definitely intriguing: "[W]hat this tool excels at is allowing you to capture extended data fields with each entry. As you blog and collect data, you can then mine that data with custom graphs, advanced saved data searches and data-enabled RSS feeds. All right out […]

This sounds promising, at least on paper (er, on screen): Want To Buy a Virtual Sword? We Got Next – Part One (Xbox) Myself, I’m wasting hours in World of Warcraft these days – great game when it accepts to work (I’ve got frequent crashes on one PC, and the game just refuses to start […]

It’s not enough that spammers have made my referrer stats completely unusable, Google Desktop also helps them land the top spot in search results too by indexing spam in Outlook (flagged as such by filters mind you). Google Desktop is now gone from my PC. Nice trick to close the uninstall process on a feedback […]

Dare Obasanjo: "The social problems are straightforward, there is little incentive for competing social software applications to make it easy for people to migrate away from their service. There is no business incentive for Friendster to make it easy to export your social network to Orkut or for eBay to make it easy to export […]

Tom Coates had some people graph posting patterns through his 5 years of blogging. I guess the move from plenty of short posts to sparser, longer posts, is a trend shared by many long-established blogs. It’s definitely been true for me over the last four years. Now that there are so many blogs and meta […]

In this thread other people and I ponder the idea of implementing trackbacks back and forth between Flickr and blogs. Post a photo on your blog, ping the relevant Flickr pages. Comment a picture on Flickr, ping the blog pages that embedded it. That way Flickr and the blog are two facets of the same […]

Lingo is like Vonage only with better international service. I’m considering switching to it to add a French phone number to our household in order to cut even further into our big Portugal Telecom bill (which is of course already deprived of transatlantic calls thanks to Vonage), and it’s likely a UK number is going […]

Sure, Organizr is great, and the folks at Ludicorp work impressively fast. However, please stop calling it and others like it web applications (I’m not saying its creators do, but others introduce that confusion, starting with Macromedia). This is a Flash application that doesn’t expose its state to its host browser (to the best of […]

Can’t make phone calls, can’t even load their website. First time it happens to me in almost a year, but what a pain in the neck just when someone is waiting for my call. Does Vonage work for you today? Update: VoIP provider Vonage suffers outage.

Photoshop Album is one of those rare applications that make meta tagging so easy that even "normal people" can use it. Now, let’s say I want to create a taxonomy and share it with other users, is there a way to do it so that a) they don’t need to re-create those tags, and b) […]

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