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As I hinted this (northern hemisphere) summer, we decided a few months ago to relocate to Chile, the most stable, secure and less corrupt country in Latin America (see for instance recent coverage in The Economist). Well, now it’s done as of last Sunday. We’re in Renaca on the Pacific coast, 90 minutes from Santiago […]

It’s been a couple of years since I last played with Quotetracker ("a Windows program that provides streaming real-time quotes, Live intraday charts with Technical Indicators, Level II quotes, Time and Sales, alerts, news monitoring, and everything else you may need to effectively trade in today’s market") so I’m glad to see it’s still alive […]

Handy glossary of key financing terms at VentureBlog.

eFinance Insider: "Tom Skinner, and his Washington, D.C. based firm, Real Liquidity LLC, is working to address the risk of price declines in residential real estate by developing innovative financial products that allow homeowners to "hedge" out some or all of their real estate market risk with "puts". Puts, which are essentially derivative insurance policies […]

Bill Martin interviews Tom Carter, CFO & VP Operations at StarMine, an analyst rating system which seems to be more often right than wrong.

WaPo: "Technology executives are mobilizing to block congressional efforts — a reaction to the Enron Corp. scandal — to change how companies account for stock options, a coin of the high-tech realm that some worry may distort a corporation’s true financial picture. […] Take Cisco Systems Inc., the Silicon Valley networking giant. For the fiscal […]

Big plunge just on the Earthlink deal. Shows again how much the stock market is uninformed. The fact that Google was about to compete with Overture was known since late December. Some uncertainty should have been factored in the price. OK, they lost a deal. I expect a bounce back. In fact, it already came […]

Fortune: "The fact is, the weak euro–which lowered Amazon’s interest payments on its debt by a full $16 million–accounted for a good bit of the company’s surprise performance, rather than stellar operating margins or the triumph of the kitchen appliance business. Without this gain, as Amazon openly acknowledged in its earnings release, the company would […]

Instant stock quote bookmarklet Give a stock ticker to this bookmarklet and it will fetch you a stock quote. Why MSN Money? It will search tickers for you based on a company name (when you don’t know its ticker).

NYT: "Gerson is one of several boutique research firms that have tried to take advantage of some commonly perceived weaknesses in Wall Street research: a lack of depth, a lack of objectivity and a lack of exclusivity."

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