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Steve F., web developer, Maine USA: “I gotta go help my girlfriend with the snow blower, her car’s stuck.” Olivier T., COO, Central Chile: “Sure. Meanwhile I’ll go walk along the beach to ogle the hotties in thongs hired to promote bear and cheap perfume.” I’d post a picture but it would turn my blog […]

Barrens Chat

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25 Jan 2008

This WowWiki entry explains well the utter silliness of most discussions in the main public channel in the beginner’s area for the Horde faction in World of Warcraft. What is really interesting is that a confluence of factors in the game (for instance geography, player level) lead to very similar chat patterns across servers, from […]

Nietzsche For Dummies

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5 Aug 2007

If le ridicule ne tue pas and what doesn’t kill you make you stronger, then surely ridicule makes you stronger? (How is it I never added a “nonsense” category to this blog?)

Geek Toys On My Radar

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22 Jul 2007

Currently on my shopping list: – Draytek 2910G Dual Wan broadband modem. I own a Draytek 2600VG already — Draytek is probably one of the best modem manufacturers these days. Once we’ve relocated (more on that in future posts) I want to get both cable and dsl broadband so that we’re never off the internet. […]

I Am Murloc

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17 Jul 2007

I Am Murloc is the summer ’07 hit for WoW players. Winning a Murloc scream contest against your guildmates on TeamSpeak is a key element of geek cred. I’m glad I quit WoW a couple months ago though, gear-based MMOs are really too time-consuming. I may look into Warhammer Online when it ships but only […]

Seriously, don’t you people have better things to do with your time than stand in a line for hours to buy a phone? There’s a world out there, you know. Here are a few hints for the desperately clueless to improve their life. Standing in line to buy junk: not fun. Skying in the Andes […]

When you see it took until late 2004 for Forrester and Morgan Stanley to cover topics such as corporate blogs and RSS syndication, you’ve gotta ask, who needs those laggards? When you’re late to chronicle the past, don’t pretend to know what’s going to happen in the future, ok? If those companies who shot credibility […]

Check out what Google and A9 do to each other!

You think a meme is going to emerge, or some until-now obscure location or rock band is about to have a burst of popularity. Is there a site where you can bet on such predictions, say, if you think everyone is going to talk about deflation (a good bet to make 18 months ago), or, […]

With this post and thread, Anil proves that a) he’s read exclusively by freaks, and b) there’s a market for a 12-step program to get people out of the habit of making complex but useless spreadsheets. Hi, my name is Olivier and I’m addicted to making useless spreadsheets.

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