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I don’t speak Chinese, so I rely on English editions of Chinese media to have a bit of a local perspective. The state-owned media such as Xinhua tends to run pure propaganda right out of their government/party/military masters. It’s so laughably bad it’s good. There is some fledgling independent media though, and among them I’ve […]

Over the past decade, the headline of this entry, first published in October 2004, seemed less and less outlandish. By March 2014, Larry Page had made that a very explicit goal, echoing Bill Gates’ earlier promise of a computer on every desk and in every home. Here is how the idea that Google would get into […]

Here’s a really excellent wrap-up of the staggering mediocrity at Microsoft for pretty much a decade. Detailed, informed, right on target.

We lost the domain name in some administrative snafu a couple years ago, but for anyone who might still care, I just realized Jason Shellen has revived TEOF’s archives hosted now on blogspot. The Google “everything for free” effect is now at its apex with the NYT, WSJ or the Economist pretty much throwing the […]

Another data point aligned with prior observations: Google Secure Access. Google’s platform play is taking shape. They’re fine with leaving the client OS to Microsoft by a) putting lots of tiny internet plugs into it and b) creating value in what Microsoft has been dubbing “the cloud” for years without delivering much (Hotmail, Spaces, blah […]

People intrigued by Google’s investment in Current Communications Group might want to check this post from my archives about a speculative Google Broadband. Can you feel it coming? The edge has to become the middle again. Since Microsoft is too scared and corporate to do it, and Yahoo is focused on mimicking (quite successfully these […]

Socialtext Closes Series A Financing Technorati gets fed VC dollars Joi Ito is an investor in both, as well as in Six Apart. Loic le Meur and Reid Hoffman (of LinkedIn fame) also have a stake in Socialtext and Six Apart. I have a hard time thinking that some if not all of those four […]

In the face of an ever increasing space-to-pricing ratio in the storage world, Google is going to take the fight outside its borders and attack both the free and premium email accounts at Yahoo and MSN. When Gates says that hardware will be close to free 10 years from now, you can bet he’s pondering […]

Yahoo and Kelkoo: "today announced they have signed a definitive agreement under which Yahoo! will acquire Kelkoo. Under the terms of the agreement, Yahoo! will acquire up to 100 percent of the share capital of Kelkoo for an aggregate cash purchase price of approximately EUR 475 million, subject to certain adjustments." I can’t believe Yahoo […]

ResearchBuzz: Yahoo Announces Yahoo Labs "Yahoo on Monday announced Yahoo Research Labs at, describing it as " a research organization focused on inventing new technologies and solutions relevant to strategic Yahoo! businesses. The group will pursue a portfolio of topics that include pay for performance search, web search, vertical businesses and platform technologies." […] […]

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