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Living through a major earthquake: pretty scary. Realizing your family, yourself, and your property don’t have a scratch: priceless. My thoughts to the families of the deceased, wounded and homeless. Te quiero Chile. Update three years later: I had posted this after the 8.8 earthquake on Feb. 27, 2010 in Chile. We live about 350 […]

We’ve started to (carefully) explore to what extent there might actually be value in the current crop of social networks. We were involved in earlier waves – from Ryze to the now defunct Soflow – with little to show for it, so we chose to sit out of Facebook and Twitter for a long time, […]

Jon Udell has a good conversation (with very good audio quality) with Neil Giarratana, the president of a small web shop based off Keene, NH. This stroke very close to home (so to speak!) since our HQ is based in Vermont but we have people all over the place: Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Georgia, Montana, […]

Despite my taste for corny Barry White songs, I don’t like Los Angeles much. At least not the LA I remember from a UCLA summer session 18 years ago, as a non-driving visitor with little money on hand. Admittedly LA without car nor cash is by definition a non-starter. Bldg Blog had a great post […]

As I hinted this (northern hemisphere) summer, we decided a few months ago to relocate to Chile, the most stable, secure and less corrupt country in Latin America (see for instance recent coverage in The Economist). Well, now it’s done as of last Sunday. We’re in Renaca on the Pacific coast, 90 minutes from Santiago […]

Andrew Shane Huang posts impressive stuff about manufacturing and technology in China. You want to check it out.

In this discussion thread many British World of Warcraft players want to be able to migrate their characters to US servers after Blizzard has effectively turned "English" servers into international ones where it’s OK to chat in any language. This translates into some servers being dominated by, say, Spaniards or Russians who seem to flood […]


Haiko Hebig: Industrial Night and Magic, where headed? "Now that I took Gigabytes of photos in the abandoned and torn down steel mills and other former sites of heavy industries here in Dortmund and surrounding cities, comes up the question: how to organize, how to present them? [...] I want to throw all the content […]

The latest travel meme is something I wanted to visualize for a while, but up to now I didn’t know of any tool to do it easily. Thanks World66. And am I pathetic. There are only 3 countries where I’ve spent more than six months (France, Italy and Portugal — ok 4 with Germany but […]

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