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Interesting interview with Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly. 10/16/08 update: Southwest Airlines posts 1st loss in 17 years.

There’s sound, healthy skepticism about crazy conspiracy theories (“George Bush paid Mossad to blow up the Pentagon with a missile and make believe it was a plane”). Then there’s plain stupidity. People dismissing speculation about what caused the backbone cable cuts leading to massive outages in the Middle East and India as “tinfoil hat thinking” […]

I had missed the tempest in a teapot between Jot and SocialText, but whil catching up with these old news I found this mouthful from Jonathan D. Nolen: "What it comes down to for me as a customer, really, is this: I don’t just want open source code. I want a partnership with an open […]

As recently as 18 months ago it seemed there wasn’t much to handle software product development except either bug databases, generic wikis and intranet platforms, or maybe expensive and (for my purposes) cumbersome enterprise software, which is not what I’m interested about. Now that I’m looking again at this though (we need something to keep […]

Chad Dickerson and his Infoworld readers come with this list which is a bit uneven but includes common sense tips: 1. Botching your outsourcing strategy 2. Dismissing open source — or bowing before it 3. Offshoring with blinders on 4. Discounting internal security threats 5. Failing to secure a fluid perimeter 6. Ignoring security for […]

Mike Rundle: PayPal? More like PayEnemy Nick Denton: Does any web infrastructure actually work? Two reminders that the basics of ecommerce are still quite brittle, especially when payment and identity verification are involved. Paypal still wants to be your pal so make sure to do transactions today to get the usual fees waived.

This long interview with David Neeleman, JetBlue Airways’ founder and CEO, is a refreshing must-read and leaves me wanting to know more about the guy and his company. Here’s what a couple queries fetch: Neeleman on outsourcing and call centers Inc article from March that got lots of linkage BusinessWeek article focused on the challenges […]

Netcraft: "Wall Street firms became motivated buyers of surplus data centers from bankrupt telcos and web hosts. Chapter 11 filings by WorldCom, Exodus, Metromedia Fiber Network and Global Crossing flooded the market with surplus data centers and telecom assets. Financial firms that bought or leased data centers outside New York in the past two years […]

Eweek has a long interview with Marty Abbott, SVP of technology at eBay, who walks us through their online operations. Among other things, he explains how the backend databases evolved over the last five years: "We went from one huge back-end system and four or five very large search databases. Search used to update in […]

One of the main challenges I encounter every time I participate in launching a new venture is striving to create a culture that is open and collaborative, as well as informal and fun to be a part of, yet not obsessed with soft consensus to the point of drowning in details. On one hand you […]

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