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Sometimes it feels like we’re swimming in an endless sea of digital content, and to the extent I for instance have more than a terabyte of media on my own local network (currently 16 IP devices!), we are. But once you dive in, you realize that a lot of it is digital only on the […]

I think Jeff Jarvis frames the issue properly (open format vs. walled garden) but it’s very early to make a call about Google’s intent. I’d say they want to give themselves a headstart in terms of surfacing Google Base content across their services (e.g. Local) but they’ll probably expose it to the outside world sooner […]

Movie Keywords Analyzer (MoKA), like Flickr, lets users apply tags to non-text content, where they make sense to support free-wheeling descriptions and in my opinion complement, rather than compete with more structured taxonomies. Not quite faceted navigation, but it’s still nice to find, say, movies that feature drugs, dream, death. Obviously there’s a lot of […]

For some reason I hadn’t bumped into Reger yet, but it’s definitely intriguing: "[W]hat this tool excels at is allowing you to capture extended data fields with each entry. As you blog and collect data, you can then mine that data with custom graphs, advanced saved data searches and data-enabled RSS feeds. All right out […]

Combine Realtor‘s MLS-based national (i.e. US) search with HousingMaps UI (because who cares for Craigslist housing listings?), including smart ideas such as a history of past sales as featured by Redfin (who is not alone in overlaying local MLS data on maps). Mix with itinerary (by foot or car) and transportation applications

Victor Lombardi about a retailer he worked with that implemented "distributed classification": "[T]hey have many thousands of products that need classifying on a regular basis. The products are relatively inexpensive commodities that change often and are sold through stores, a print catalog, and online. All the information about the products, including classification, is managed in […]

Sandy and Dave’s Broadband report: "[T]he CDDB database now includes nearly 3 million CDs and more than 36 million songs. Each day, users from ninety countries submit about ten thousand new albums to CDDB. In the US, Korea and Japan, Gracenote has editorial staff to “vet” the entries and “lock them down” to prevent modification […]

Photoshop Album is one of those rare applications that make meta tagging so easy that even "normal people" can use it. Now, let’s say I want to create a taxonomy and share it with other users, is there a way to do it so that a) they don’t need to re-create those tags, and b) […]

One Block Radius is fascinating: "One Block Radius, a project of Brooklyn artists Christina Ray and Dave Mandl [known collaboratively as Glowlab], is an extensive psychogeographic survey of the block where New York’s New Museum of Contemporary Art will build a new 60,000 square foot facility beginning in late 2004. […] While the block is […]

It seems that at about the same time than me, Tom Coates is recategorizing his blog to extract his best entries into a best of category. Since my migration from Blogger last month, I’ve started doing likewise, though I’m not finished deleting the crap, fixing broken links and titles, wrapping quotes into blockquote tags, and […]

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