05 Mar

Publishers Contributing to Open Source Projects, Maintaining APIs

I’ve put together lists of teams and people working at the intersection of news publishing, data, visualization, and online/mobile/software development to get a better sense of who talks the talk and who walks the walk. There’s a strong UK presence, while some organizations are missing that you’d expect might want to show up.

This would deserve some analysis (anyone up to datamine Open Source Report Card?), maybe later.

1. Github repositories from news orgs Read More

23 Aug

Technorati, Socialtext Raise Financing

Joi Ito is an investor in both, as well as in Six Apart. Loic le Meur and Reid Hoffman (of LinkedIn fame) also have a stake in Socialtext and Six Apart. I have a hard time thinking that some if not all of those four companies won’t somehow be merged within the next two years, since they’re all facets of the same thing.
Following its Craig’s List investment, I also believe eBay is the most likely acquirer of that social web editing and identity conglomerate in the making, which should be a piece of cake to set up through the Hoffman and Omidyar connections. Identity and trust are central to eBay, so this could make sense in several ways.
It’s also interesting to see Hoffman and Mark Pincus (Tribe.net) invest in the same company, as the social networking space will of course need to go through a lot of consolidation probably starting next year if not sooner.
Update: Pierre Omidyar: What I’ve been up to.
09/30/04 update: Esther Dyson, Reid Hoffman and Joi Ito invest in Flickr. These people hunt in packs!
12/15/04 update: Feedster Becomes Omidyar Network Partner.
01/17/05 update: omidyar.net FAQ.

20 Aug

Erik Benson, Brad Choate on the Move

Erik leaves Amazon.com (but doesn’t tell where to go/what to do) and Brad joins Six Apart to work on PHP dynamic rendering in MT 3.1, a welcome development I and others have been harping about for a while. There are some things you want to do at rendering time while near-static performance can be achieved using templating and caching systems such as Smarty (which Brad showed how to integrate with MT a while ago — this is what I’m using here though I’m far from making full use of it).
While we’re at it, I see Michael McDaniel leaves Amazon.com‘s personalization team too for MSN to work on… personalization. Seems it’s transfer season! Update: Alex Edelman too leaves Amazon.

26 Feb

Microsoft commercial-search chief departs


"Paul Ryan, the former chief technology officer at Overture Services, was hired at MSN on Oct. 20, 2003, just weeks after Yahoo finalized its $1.63 billion acquisition of the commercial search pioneer. Ryan’s appointment as general manager in charge of “the monetization of MSN Search,” according to Microsoft, was seen as a coup in the company’s efforts to build a formidable rival to No. 1 search engine Google and replace its current commercial search partner, Overture. Microsoft spokeswoman Crystal Duncan confirmed that Ryan left on Feb. 12."

So here’s confirmation. Last week I saw a couple Google queries in my referrer stats (because of this post) that mentioned his name as well as "Microsoft" and "fired," but I didn’t find any confirmation of his departure and I didn’t want to launch a rumor based on just that. It’s funny what you sometime learn from simple referrer logs.

21 Oct

2004 US Presidential Tickets

Andrew Sullivan: Dream-Tickets: Dean-Clark vs. Bush-Rice?

"It would also make for a fascinating race: Dean-Clark versus Bush-Rice. An evenly matched contest of argument, culture, and personality. You may say I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one."

I was thinking Dean-Clark was a no-brainer, considering the other Dems have a hard time even popping on my (admittedly foreigner’s) radar. Now matching them with a Bush-Rice team, that would be interesting. But in both cases, what about the economy? Is business any of these four have a good background? (Spare me Bush’s MBA and CEO profile, that’s inherited.)
Update: [NYT] "One thing I learned last week in Iowa is that voters are far more interested in Gephardt, Kerry and Edwards than we in the national media."

17 Jun

Diversity is Power for Specialized Sites

Jakob Nielsen:

"Small websites get less traffic than big ones, but they can still dominate their niches. For each question users ask, the Web delivers a different set of sites to provide the answers."

A few years ago I looked at what Jakob Nielsen published as a great source of insights. Now I feel he’s stating the obvious. I gather I do have a better handle on all things online now, and I suspect the relative added value of his columns has not been improving.