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I’ve put together lists of teams and people working at the intersection of news publishing, data, visualization, and online/mobile/software development to get a better sense of who talks the talk and who walks the walk. There’s a strong UK presence, while some organizations are missing that you’d expect might want to show up. This would deserve […]

AuctionBytes: "Senior Manager of Platform Evangelism (developer relations) at eBay, Jeffrey McManus, is leaving the auction site. He’s headed to Yahoo as Director of Product Management working with new developer initiatives."

Socialtext Closes Series A Financing Technorati gets fed VC dollars Joi Ito is an investor in both, as well as in Six Apart. Loic le Meur and Reid Hoffman (of LinkedIn fame) also have a stake in Socialtext and Six Apart. I have a hard time thinking that some if not all of those four […]

Erik leaves (but doesn’t tell where to go/what to do) and Brad joins Six Apart to work on PHP dynamic rendering in MT 3.1, a welcome development I and others have been harping about for a while. There are some things you want to do at rendering time while near-static performance can be achieved […]

We learn from CNet that Adam Bosworth will now work at Google, though was he will do there the article doesn’t tell. If he’s been hired to work along similar lines to what he was doing at BEA, that’s quite an interesting move.

CNet: "Paul Ryan, the former chief technology officer at Overture Services, was hired at MSN on Oct. 20, 2003, just weeks after Yahoo finalized its $1.63 billion acquisition of the commercial search pioneer. Ryan’s appointment as general manager in charge of “the monetization of MSN Search,” according to Microsoft, was seen as a coup in […]

InternetNews: Microsoft Ga-Ga Over Google? Microsoft (or Yahoo) should have bought Google two years ago. Now I’m not sure the price is going to be right. What’s more interesting in this article is this datapoint: "The company reportedly hired Paul Ryan, Overture’s former CTO, to lead its new search effort."

Andrew Sullivan: Dream-Tickets: Dean-Clark vs. Bush-Rice? "It would also make for a fascinating race: Dean-Clark versus Bush-Rice. An evenly matched contest of argument, culture, and personality. You may say I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one." I was thinking Dean-Clark was a no-brainer, considering the other Dems have a hard time even popping […]

NYT: Europe’s Antipiracy Proposal Draws Criticism "One of the world’s largest record companies is owned by Vivendi Universal, a French conglomerate whose chief executive is Ms. Fourtou‘s husband, Jean-Ren

Jakob Nielsen: "Small websites get less traffic than big ones, but they can still dominate their niches. For each question users ask, the Web delivers a different set of sites to provide the answers." A few years ago I looked at what Jakob Nielsen published as a great source of insights. Now I feel he’s […]

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