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As much as I think Chile can be world class in some areas, its web sites are usually a parody of bad mid-90’s layouts and broken code. Exhibit A: popular starting page (competitor isn’t much better). However, a few people stand out and clearly know what they’re doing. Not only is Skybox running […]

We have several products from Canon and we usually like their stuff, but what they’re doing with their IP5300 inkjet printer makes me think it was the last product I bought from this brand. Here’s the deal: they put little chips on their ink tanks to be all smart about it and tell the printer […]

One of the things we’ve been working on lately is our new site We are still getting rid of some kinks and have some UI improvements coming, but the site should already be quite useful as it is. Need fresh, updated marketing metrics (about online and offline stuff)? Drop by, check the data out […]

In the course of the various gigs and projects I’m involved in, I end up looking for and using contact information on literally hundreds of corporate web sites per year. It’s already bad enough when a company selling armament or semi-conductors has impossible to find or broken contact information (bouncing email addresses or failing contact […]

My friend and business partner Tig Tillinghast just launched another online trade publication at The domain name is pretty much self-explanatory so go check it yourself if you’re in that trade. Congrats and good luck MBP! We’re also making good progress with our joint DID and have more in the pipeline but we prefer […]

People interested in game design, product management, the (un)intended effects of incentives, internet app scalability, co-design between companies and customers, and online social behavior, could do a lot worse than to research the effects of Blizzard’s latest "Honor" patch to World of Warcraft. You can read threads such as this one, or better, go directly […]

BusinessWeek about PriceGrabber: " boasts 16 million unique users, 10.5 million products in its database, and 6,500 merchant clients […] We started what is called SKU association. We basically bundled or associated all these products — they’re identical with each other together. And then we would say: O.K., here are the product results that we […]

I’m not sure how new this is (at least 8-days old), but I just spotted a list of most wished for items at Amazon – in the top right corner, where the Gold Box used to be – that is, "items that were recently added most often to Wish Lists". This will probably become more […]

Peter Davidson: A Movie Marketing Experiment: "Movie producers need to understand that they are telling a story across multiple formats and distribution channels. The real money is not in the theatrical release but in the DVD sales, Toys, Video games and the set up for future stories. The focus will shift from theatrical release as […]

This week I’ve been taking over the blog from my buddies Rick Bruner and Steve Hall who are too busy with respectively a new job and posting like crazy at AdRants. I might take it into a slightly different direction, though I don’t know yet what that is. It’s pretty transparent that the blog’s […]

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