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Many if not most media companies invest relatively little in software development. But those that do have been grabbing the attention of an increasing number of readers, subscribers, advertisers, and investors. What to do if software is not in your DNA, and why do you want to do something about it in the first place? Adopting new […]

This API status meta dashboard is great, as it scratches an itch I’ve had for almost a decade. I meant to suggest to the Zapier folks that they develop exactly that, but didn’t end up sharing that thought, and here they are! Brilliant team, excellent product. Now they need to customize the datatable and RSS feed […]

In our dealings with various SaaS vendors, it is interesting to see cultural differences translating into behavioral patterns. You can see from the outside which functions have heft, which ones are afterthoughts, and where are the missing integration points. A behavior that I see pretty often is a good level of quality in customer support, […]

David Erickson posted an entry I meant to write for years. Open source is great at a lot of things, but let’s face it, documentation is often incredibly lousy. I’m spending a lot of times these days looking at what we can and can’t do with our PHP/Wordpress/OpenAds toolset. Sometimes it really feels like a […]

Are you looking forward to the next release of Microsoft Office, whenever that is and whatever it will do? Yeah, me neither. However, I can see how a lot of value could be delivered on top of supposedly ultra-mature products. Consider the needs of a virtual team doing things such as product management and business […]

As recently as 18 months ago it seemed there wasn’t much to handle software product development except either bug databases, generic wikis and intranet platforms, or maybe expensive and (for my purposes) cumbersome enterprise software, which is not what I’m interested about. Now that I’m looking again at this though (we need something to keep […]

I’m setting up a Shuttle mini PC for friends. Of course I don’t bother to buy a floppy drive, who needs these things anymore? Well, a freshly bought Windows XP OEM CD ROM, that’s who. You can’t install a third party driver (in this case, a SATA PCI board because I bought the wrong Shuttle […]

Scott Guthrie (a Microsoft product unit manager on web platform and tools who got ASP.NET started): Testing ASP.NET 2.0 and Visual Web Developer: "[W]e need to deliver [ot] on the same date on three radically different processor architectures (x86, IA-64, and x64 processor architectures), on 4 different major OS variations (Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows […]

Dave McClure: "Every time i load up Acrobat Reader to view a PDF file, i might as well go get a cup of coffee — it’s a complete dog, and not at all appropriate for viewing lightweight docs over the web. Then along comes Macromedia FlashPaper, and I’m amazed this product hasn’t already obliterated the […]

Tableau Software: A Visual Spreadsheet is an interactive canvas that allows you to explore, analyze and create reports from databases. It lets you display, filter, sort, group, drill-into, calculate and summarize data using a “live” interactive window into your databases.&quot This looks like charts within pivot tables, aka pure porn for data geeks. Tableau, a […]

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