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Smart Solutions: "The makers of Groove and SharePoint designed them to address different customer needs, and their resulting architectural differences are more complementary than competitive. Groove was designed to support personally-controlled collaboration in an edge/client-distributed model (with optional enterprise integration), readily supporting secure collaboration among decentralized, dynamic teams. SharePoint primarily is focused on enterprise collaboration […]

Vattekkat Satheesh Babu asks, is a blog a good tool to keep partners up to date on project status?

Joshua Allen: Leaf Nodes "Ray Ozzie reacts to Don Park’s comment that "A CEO is not likely to know about about, let alone subscribe to, a lowly QA engineer’s blog." Ray is basically arguing that CXOs do want to know what is going on all the way down to the leaf nodes of their organizations, […]

Phillip C. McGraw: "When you and I engage in conversation, I can’t control how well you communicate; I can only control how well I receive what you’re telling me. I can go on the alert to things that may distort the messages you’re sending me – I call them filters. To be a good listener, […]

Rick Klau provides real-world feedback on an Intranet weblogging pilot, without the simplistic cheerleading sometimes seen on this topic.

Jon Udell: "Developers will find GWS [Groove Web Services] to be a textbook example of a style that has come to be called "RESTful SOAP." REST (Representation State Transfer) describes the architectural style of the Web. What that means for SOAP, as recommended in the W3C working draft for SOAP 1.2, is that interfaces should […]

John Robb: "Billions are being poured into the FBI and other governmental organizations and they can’t even get the basics right. […] This can be corrected very easily. Give every agent a laptop (shoot, they gave every student in Maine a laptop for Christ’s sake!). Put a weblogging tool on that laptop. Require that they […]

Trillian is showing big players what an IM client is supposed to be, and it actually works while I – as well as others I talked to – couldn’t even get Jabber clients to do anything (your mileage may vary). I like how their stocks plugin let you change the web site you use to […]

Jim Roepcke responding to John Robb:

CNet: "Version 2.0 of the Groove software includes tools for integration with Outlook e-mail, enhanced support for Microsoft Office and new server tools for businesses using the service." 04/16/02 update: Jon Udell: Getting into the Groove.

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