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Like so many people, I let my blog, which I had started relatively early at the end of 2000, fall into a state of utter neglect as various social networks took over in the late 2000s. But in the past couple of years I went through a conscious effort to improve my information diet, and […]

I’m not going to trust my precious Excel pivot tables to a web app given how crappy the current generation of browsers is (I’ve lost count of how many times Firefox crashed on me) but this is impressive: For people who don’t see the value in pivot tables, I’ll say this: do you really know […]

As I’ve just posted on SciFan, I’m stuck on technical issues a bit above my head and my other projects prevent me from stepping up and finishing the new version of that site. So if you know VB.NET and SQL Server and are interested in salvaging a project that looks that it will remain 75% […]

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22 Oct 2004

"Scientists have another solution for the notorious "French paradox" – the riddle of how a nation of alcohol-quaffing, croissant-munching gourmands stays healthy and slim, while a disproportionate number of health-obsessed Americans are obese and at cardiovascular risk. The answer, after methodical study of brasseries, eateries, pizza parlours, Chinese restaurants and Hard Rock cafes in both […]

I had missed that announcement earlier this week. Since Ignition is managed by Microsoft Alumnis, no doubt an exit with a sale to the mothership is one of the scenarios.

VentureBlog: "The bigger issue raised is an important one for the blogging community — when, if ever, is something off the record for a blogger? I think for some bloggers the answer would be "never." For those of us who are blogging in the context of our businesses, there has to be some more pragmatic […]

CNet: "Second, the proposal substitutes an unelected bureaucrat’s judgment about what material is appropriate for a mailing list, a chatroom or a Web log for the judgment of the person who first created the resource. There are other checks and balances than this kind of rough-hewn approach, such as readers eventually recognizing that a publication […]

Looking at the three pictures of Marines in the side bar of this article (especially the picture at the bottom), these soldiers seem crammed very close to each other for a position taken in broad daylight nearby a road. Keeping proper distances between foot soldiers is key to their security (you still want to be […]

Jimmy Guterman: "Well, first I want to be clear that Media Unspun itself was not a Weblog. We’re big fans of the freedom and diversity of blogs, but we were not a blog. Blogs go from a single person’s mind to the Web with no intervention (team blogs work the same way). Unspun has writers […]

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