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Many if not most media companies invest relatively¬†little in¬†software development. But those that do have been grabbing the attention of an increasing number of readers, subscribers, advertisers, and investors. What to do if software is not in your DNA, and why do you want to do something about it in the first place? Adopting new […]

Remember when every web site had to have tabs because that’s what did, so it had to be good? Seems like a long time ago, doesn’t it? Well Amazon finally retired them, realizing that they didn’t scale when you have 40+ departments in your site. They’re now using scroll-down menus which I have mixed […]

So Renamed Microsoft adCenter Officially Launches (drumroll). Well, let’s give it a ride then. “Microsoft adCenter does not currently support the web browser you are using. Please sign in using Internet Explorer 6+.” Yeah right, Firefox on WinXP, talk about obscure. I kid you not, to be able to use their web application, a distant […]

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I’m trying to extend our ad reach for TaxPrinter now that we’ve found some profitable keywords, so we’ve just opened a Yahoo Search Marketing account. Well, I’ll tell you what, you’ve got to be seriously motivated to spend money there. First, Yahoo is in denial that they’re the follower to the market leader. Take a […]

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In the course of the various gigs and projects I’m involved in, I end up looking for and using contact information on literally hundreds of corporate web sites per year. It’s already bad enough when a company selling armament or semi-conductors has impossible to find or broken contact information (bouncing email addresses or failing contact […]

Combine Realtor‘s MLS-based national (i.e. US) search with HousingMaps UI (because who cares for Craigslist housing listings?), including smart ideas such as a history of past sales as featured by Redfin (who is not alone in overlaying local MLS data on maps). Mix with itinerary (by foot or car) and transportation applications

Roger Johansson takes a step further the debate that wouldn’t die between proponents of fluid and fixed web designs. His in-between approach is demonstrated by his own recent "elastic" redesign. Resize the font on his site to see it in action. Look at the masthead and main column width — nice! Elastic is liquid done […]

Here’s what Paypal is going to look like. The feature-based lead ("send money", "request money") is replaced by a focus on audiences that gives a prominent place to eBay sellers. Fraud is acknowledged as an issue, both from the seller and buyer perspectives, which makes sense considering all the email phishing going on. It’s good […]

Andrew Goodman: "I can attest to having been extremely frustrated doing web searches trying to find things like software, templates, standard documents, and legal agreements to help me grow my business. But when advertisers of such services start to put their little classified ads up next to those keywords, the process gets a lot faster. […]

The Allmusic beta preview I’ve seen looks nice, though it felt a bit sluggish (the dll-based architecture and long-winded URLs are still there) and there are some bugs left, so I’m not sure the site is really ready for launch today as advertised (search gets me a javascript error, that alone is a showstopper). One […]

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