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Jon Udell just experienced some of the practical limitations getting in the way of sharing and representing structured data easily that I’ve been running into myself. To produce an entry about Circuit City’s store closures, I had to spend a lot of time massaging the source data (coming from a PDF) in Excel so that […]

I’ve looked at online databases and spreadsheets rather extensively a couple of months ago, and DabbleDB had hands down the most powerful yet usable user interface of the bunch, significantly ahead of what Zoho or Google (among others) have to offer. Too bad DabbleDB is right now heavily focused on private use. Its dynamic features […]

Hilarious email from HP today: “On Thursday, April 17th, HP suspended operation of the HP Upline Service. We fully anticipate that suspension of the Upline Service will be temporary and short in duration, and will notify you when the Upline Service is operational again. Please accept our sincere apology for this unanticipated interruption of your […]

Blist Gets It

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26 Mar 2008

In August 2005 I wrote The Microsoft Office I Really Want. When I tried to engage Robert Scoble at the time on the topic, he showed he relied too much on speed reading to properly address my points and/or was quickly out of his depth (I’m betting on a combination of both factors). I don’t […]

Lately we’ve been struggling with WordPress and its HTML shenanigans. Not that they are new but we’re more actively pursuing a number of bugs that have been open for a while. Even after you remove TinyMCE, WP will insert closing paragraph tags within an entry if the visual editor checkbox is selected in user settings. […]

Excellent post last month on the Google Gears blog. We have a few people that like to live in the countryside where all they can get is high-latency satellite broadband. I’m myself considering buying land here in Chile where the best internet access I may get for the foreseeable future is 3.5G (UMTS/HSDPA) (not sure […]

As of early 2008 besides the basic LAMP stack we use the following to run our business:, Trac, Subversion (hosted at, Basecamp, Fusemail (don’t run your email off your web servers),, WordPress, Feedburner, OpenAds, Bronto, Google Analytics, Google Web Optimizer, Cacti, Nagios, and I’m probably forgetting a couple other services we may […]

Google Goes Offline

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31 May 2007

Google GEARS. Now we’re talking. I’ll watch how fast this makes it into Google’s own web apps, email and calendaring being the obvious candidates. Now Microsoft can feel threatened for good reason. However, and that’s really ironic, right now browser-based apps are way more costly in system resources than well written desktop software. Yep, you […]

As we’re winning more business, growing the size of our team, and adding more sites to our stable, I’m spending a fair amount of time looking at how we operate and where we need to change our ways to be able to scale. Small and profitable is nice, big and profitable sounds even better! This […]

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Fraser Speirs posted this last month but I’m not exactly on the edge these days: "Imagine this scenario: Overnight someone sneaked into my office and upgraded an application on my computer. An application I had been running happily for months, and one that worked well and served my needs. Obviously, nobody asked me if I […]

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