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That’s Dr. Evil reading Typepad’s Plus account specs. Dr Evil is impressed because he’s just been awaken from the 60’s. I’m not because this is 2003, and we have nearly half a TB in storage across our several PCs here at home.
I’ve just got my girlfriend Sophie to sign-up there to handle our pictures and family blog, but come on, have you seen the prices for 200GB drives lately (yummy, next drive I buy, I’ll be able to back up my 150GB mp3 collection in one place)? OK, you need to account for backups and redundancy and whatnot, but still, at that price point, give us more (and I’ll add that your bandwidth is priced fairly). Don’t let hosting companies who amortize their 40GB hard drives till exhaustion, mislead you about our needs. What do we do with all our 1600×1200 photos?

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