2004 US Presidential Tickets

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Andrew Sullivan: Dream-Tickets: Dean-Clark vs. Bush-Rice?

"It would also make for a fascinating race: Dean-Clark versus Bush-Rice. An evenly matched contest of argument, culture, and personality. You may say I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one."

I was thinking Dean-Clark was a no-brainer, considering the other Dems have a hard time even popping on my (admittedly foreigner’s) radar. Now matching them with a Bush-Rice team, that would be interesting. But in both cases, what about the economy? Is business any of these four have a good background? (Spare me Bush’s MBA and CEO profile, that’s inherited.)
Update: [NYT] "One thing I learned last week in Iowa is that voters are far more interested in Gephardt, Kerry and Edwards than we in the national media."

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