A clear path to better navigation

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"Many people — even seasoned Web designers — don’t know about link rel="prev"… and link rel="next"…, which are two lines of HTML code you can put on any Web page in order to give your users easy navigational cues to the "previous" and "next" pages on your site.
With those two pieces of code in a page, modern browsers (such as Mozilla, or Netscape 6 and up, but not Internet Explorer) will automatically provide a way for users to navigate to the previous or next page."

Nice, here’s a good reason to try Mozilla. Hopes this works with my mouse and keyboard navigational (Back / Forward) buttons.
Update: doesn’t come standard with all Mozilla releases.
Update: I’ve added it to SciFan’s list of new & forthcoming releases, which I also recently updated (it’s easier to read, has now consisted REST behavior no matter how you navigate through months, and it now lets you sort books by series). This feature would be a nice addition to these articles stretching of several pages.

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