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Putting tech to work to serve business goals

I’m Olivier Travers, an entrepreneur and consultant focused on data visualization, SaaS integration, and software architecture. I’m physically based in Chile but serve clients across the world including in the US, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Denmark, Germany, France, Morocco, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and more.

I’ve helped organizations tackle challenges such as:

  • Business intelligence.
  • Marketing automation (inbound + account-based marketing), CRM, email marketing, web analytics.
  • SaaS integration & architecture, workflows.
  • Payment processing and subscription management.
  • Software development methodology: build or buy, leveraging open-source software, cloud computing.
  • New market and product development, from market research to competitive benchmarking to product definition and product management.

Over the years I’ve worked with clients ranging from solo entrepreneurs to giant multinationals including 3M, Johnson & Johnson, Adobe, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Koch Industries, and many more.

In 2023 I joined iLink Digital – one of Microsoft’s most recognized Power BI partners – as a Senior Director to oversee partnerships, presales, client enablement, and strategy for our 750+ people data business unit. Prior to that I was a top-ranked independent Power BI consultant / coach / architect vetted by Upwork, the #1 freelancer platform in the world.

With a focus on systems thinking & integration across disciplines

Throughout my career my customers, colleagues and partners have consistently said that I bring the following to any project:

  • Clarity and conciseness
  • Analytical due diligence
  • Bridging technology and business with a holistic perspective
  • Long-term foresight and strategic vision grounded in operational realities

Incidentally I’ve found that my form of lateral thinking and inter-disciplinary cross-pollination applies to my extra-professional interests, from martial arts to music. I guess it’s just the way I’m wired rather than something I’ve been doing consciously. I’m just not interested in arbitrary mental silos and would rather let my mind go wherever curiosity and critical thinking will take it.

My full professional profile is available on LinkedIn.

In my clients’ words

“Olivier shows he has strong background working in Power BI solutions. In our first interview he asked the right questions in order to fully understand the scope of the project. He built our solution using Power BI latest features and helped us giving some recommendations on how to implement this in our organization. Excellent professional.”

“Olivier taught me so much and had a great way of communicating complex software and processes very simply, I am incredibly grateful for all his help, advice and guidance along the way.”

“Olivier is very smart, detailed, focused and very attentive and was able and willing to add value to my project.”

“Olivier is a great communicator and has exceptional attention to detail.”

“Olivier has many unique abilities. One of the most important, as a true Data Analyst, is to hear what his clients are telling him that they want, but he knows what they need.”

“Oliver was outstanding. He provided work that was above and beyond my expectations and brought a high intelligence to our Intercom strategy. Oliver introduced ideas and concepts that we hadn’t considered. We’re a better company, providing more value to our use base, because of the work that he did.”

“Olivier’s skill and deliverables exceeded my expectations in every way.”

“Olivier is exceptional. We are extremely pleased with his work quality and support. We plan to work with him again on another project soon.”

“Oliver was extremely knowledgeable and brought information and processes we didn’t even consider to light. His deep understanding of our business and our particular requirements was a huge help to understanding our market and our model better. Can’t recommend Oliver enough, what a fantastic job!”

“It was a pleasure to work with Olivier. Highly skilled professional.”

“Olivier has exceeded expectations as a communicator, project partner, and developer. He takes the time to research the industry that he will be working on to better contribute in a thoughtful and adequate manner.”

“If you’re looking for someone that can look beyond technical requirements then Olivier is your guy. He brings a body-of-knowledge regarding sales/business objectives which adds another level of value to his solid technical work.”

“We needed to show the ROI of our marketing campaigns to our Boards of Directors. Olivier jumped right into our Slack team chat, got into our apps, and compiled data from Salesforce, Hubspot, SurveyMonkey, Github, Google Analytics/Adwords, etc. From this, he put together a dashboard with the key metrics and charts for our enterprise software startup.

Olivier gave a detailed briefing to our CEO and CFO and helped build a presentation that went very well with our investors. Very helpful under the pressure of tight deadlines ahead of a high-stakes meeting.”

“Olivier did a great job and worked as a team member assuring that he added value beyond just answering our questions and completing tasks.”

“Fantastic experience with Olivier. He went above and beyond my expectations for teaching me both how to get the most out of Excel, and how to use other programs and extend their functionality to work smarter, and evolve with today’s market.”

Customer testimonials

Contact info

You can email me at [email protected].

Quick bio

Olivier Travers and sites he contributed to creating have been referenced by news outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Economist, Min’s B2B, the BBC, SearchEngineWatch, Clickz and Fast Company.

Olivier graduated in 1993 from ESSCA, a reputable French business school. He worked in sales and marketing positions at big IT companies such as Microsoft and AT&T in the nineties, then moved on to smaller ventures with the uneven but thrilling boom-and-bust track record shared by many online business veterans.

Olivier is originally from France, lived in Germany, Italy and Portugal, and is currently based in Chile with his wife Sophie and their two children. He is fluent in English, French, and Spanish, with remnants of Italian, Portuguese, and German.

En Français

Olivier Travers est un entrepreneur français vivant au Chili et travaillant auprès de clients internationaux dans les domaines de la publication digitale, l’analyse et de la visualisation de données, et la transformation numérique.

En Español

Olivier es un emprendedor francés establecido en Chile con actividades profesionales locales y globales. Especialidades: publicación online, análisis y visualización de datos, software, conducción de proyectos, estudios de mercados internacionales, control de gestion. En Latinoamérica Olivier ha trabajado con clientes en Chile, Mexico, y Argentina. Ingeniero comercial de ESSCA, una business school prestigiosa en Francia.

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