After the tragedy: a tale of two dot coms, and how they relate to WWI

See how Priceline and Webex compare: PCLN lost all of their partial recovery, while WEBX has been bouncing quite strongly. And did you notice people are now starting to make fun of the Sept. 11 events (like the fake picture of a tourist posing on top of the WTC, unaware of the plane coming behind him – 29/11/01 update: here’s the true guy)? I guess it takes two weeks before folks believe it’s ok to do so.
As memories fade and people get back to work, I’m wondering whether businesses will change their practices so much that they’ll trade travel for videoconferencing. (08/23/02 update: I didn’t take pseudo-security hassle into account.) No matter how much some think life will never be the same, it’s not the first time in history people felt that way.
My family on the side of my mother is from Lorraine, in eastern France. My mum was born in Metz in 1947, a city annexed by the Germans from 1870 to 1914 and from 1940 to 1944. My uncle Andr

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