Alan Meckler Tries to Engage Dialog

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It’s nice to see Alan listen and take notice. Many bloggers – including me – rant and vent at will, so that’s not really the issue here. The point is, you’ve claimed leadership in using weblogs to promote your business, while your first attempt might have looked like a blog (from afar, in the fog), but didn’t taste like it.
Here’s my advice to you, if you want to engage in real blog conversations: link to specific posts (that’s what permalinks are for), not links to the root web server. Don’t ask your readers to hunt down the relevant post, it could be buried under a dozen other contributions, and it’s bound to leave the front page after a while. Think of it as a forum thread turned inside out (each post is distributed to its owner’s blog, they’re not in the same server, but it’s the same discussion nonetheless).

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