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"Sponsored Results allows anyone to promote a product to our more than 25 million customers. Whether you’re an author, publisher, musician, record label, manufacturer, or distributor, you can place your product in a "Slot" in the left column of our search results pages–starting for as little as a penny per impression"
02/09/01 update: Yahoo! now has sponsored sites too.
08/02/01 update: Just discovered this comment about my post. It’s interesting to see my headline had negative undertones. I don’t remember when I posted this link and quote, but I don’t think I had a negative opinion at the time (or I would have commented). Yes it’s point-of-sale advertising and cross-merchanding. It’s funny, I even had read that study before.
02/15/02 update: "We have recently decided to stop accepting orders for points and no new Sponsored Results accounts can be opened."

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