Andy Bourland: Re-version Your Content

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Andy Bourland: Re-version Your Content for a Wider Audience
"Every way that you can "re-version" your content is another way that you can capitalize on your core asset."
While the idea of projecting your content in different ways sounds sensible and interesting (Web Voice – The Book?), I’m not at ease with the "re-versioning" terminology. As I bitched about earlier, refurbishing content from one media to others, if done as an afterthought, often leads to poor results. Better think of the different ways in which you’ll distribute your content right from the start. (others have their doubts too, added 11/18/00.)
I’m thinking about syndicating this blog (self delusion about getting more readers) and I know I’ll have to amend my ways. Details as mundane as emphasis put in bold font won’t necessarily make it through distribution channels.
Can you delude yourself and be aware of it at the same time?

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