AOL Debuts Enterprise Dial-Up Or

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AOL Debuts Enterprise Dial-Up
Or so they claimed three years ago, and so did they back in 1996. How well will the marketplaces work?
Look at the deliciously quaint static ’98 ZDNet page, you can get Pointcast free! Of course you can’t, the page is not found. Thanks to these sites in lack of a proper CMS, we still can dive into slices of the web as it used to be. I suppose they’ll disappear sooner or later. But there is Ghostsites (added 04/09/01).
04/25/01 update: PurchasePro profit warning overshadows CFO appointment.
04/30/01 update: PurchasePro’s Woes.
12/24/01 update: more snapshots of sites that came and went: Dotcom Screen Shot Graveyard.

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