Below the Beltway

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Below the Beltway (thru Tsja who is my first via and also put me in his Dagelijks rondje, thx, does it mean daily tour?):

“The wastebaskets of the Washington Post newsroom fill up each day with relentlessly chirpy mail from PR people alerting us to important news, such as a new line of home furnishings that “makes accessorizing rooms easy and fun with decorative pillows from . . .”

Actually, I am looking at exactly that news release, which I rescued from a trash bin along with a dozen others. Blatantly commercial items like these never get published in big, influential newspapers. But PR people — bless their indefatigable hearts — keep sending these items in, tiptoeing that taut tightrope between optimism and desperation.”

The statement I put in bold makes me go ahahahah!

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