BountyQuest’s Year 2000 in Review

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BountyQuest’s Year 2000 in Review
"We expect the early days of 2001 to bring more excitement. The posting period for many of the early postings close in mid-January, and we expect to have our first bounty winners. We will also be releasing the next wave of web site features and content, making the site richer and more engaging for bounty hunters and posters alike."
The bounty set for finding prior material to’s 1-click shopping patent expires in 5 days. Will someone come up with something at the last minute?
03/15/01 update: nobody did, though they did try. Will the collected evidence, while not enough to award the bounty, bear fruit in court?
03/21/01 update: Close Is Good Enough for Amazon Bounty.
05/15/01 update: Japan Set to Reject Amazon Patent.
02/15/02 update: Losing the war on patents, and Tim O’Reilly’s answer.

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