Bridging the Gap: Hybrid Pricing Models


"Clicks or no clicks, clients are going to continue to demand proof of value on their investments, even if it is an investment in something as ephemeral and "qualitative" as advertising. If we can’t give it to them, they are going to find someone who can."

Branding… Direct Response… Branding… Direct Response… is the talk of the day. How about Direct Branding or Branding Response? These pop-ups and pop-unders have an amazing branding direct response with me: I close them as fast as possible 100% of the time (what a click rate!) and I commit not to buy products or services from these advertisers (tremendous brand recognition impact!). The only problem is, it’s going to lead me to carpal tunnel syndrome clicking shut all those extra windows, and I’ll have to live like a monk since there’s not much I’ll be able to buy if I stick to my policy.

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