Sells Music Like Sausage (Weekend Music Rant Part MCXIV)

Do a couple searches on and it’s obvious they don’t care about music at all. From spelling mistakes (for instance "Anne Peebles" — it’s Ann) to the underlying assumption that the track is the core product, this is an amateurish effort from a web delivery perspective, and an insult to the music lover.
A few things needs to do to begin to be able to be taken seriously:

  • Group (not just sort) results by album and lose the obsession with singles.
  • Learn the difference between a composer and an interpret.
  • Stop inflating their numbers with tracks extracted from compilations and start selling real albums, not the evil repurposed scourge majors are so much in love with.
  • Sell at least a million tracks, not 200,000.
    Here’s a small test I did. I checked the availability of the albums I listened to between yesterday and today:
  • Jeff Aubry et al. – Bluegrass ’98: no
  • Chris Duarte – Tailspin Headwhack: no
  • Ann Peebles – I Can’t Stand the Rain: no
  • D’gary – Mbo Loza: no
  • Guillaume de Machaut – Messe de Notre Dame (Ensemble Gilles Binchois): no
  • Keziah Jones – Black Orpheus: no
  • Curtis Counce – You Get More Bounce: no
  • Alpha Yaya Diallo – The Message: no
  • Aretha Franklin – Aretha in Paris
  • Steve Oliver – First View: no
  • Spyro Gyra – Morning Dance: no
  • Natacha Atlas – Something Dangerous: no
  • Cl
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