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Distributed Workforce Gone Wild

Steve F., web developer, Maine USA: “I gotta go help my girlfriend with the snow blower, her car’s stuck.” Olivier T., COO, Central Chile: “Sure. Meanwhile I’ll go walk along… Read more »

Barrens Chat

This WowWiki entry explains well the utter silliness of most discussions in the main public channel in the beginner’s area for the Horde faction in World of Warcraft. What is… Read more »

Nietzsche For Dummies

If le ridicule ne tue pas and what doesn’t kill you make you stronger, then surely ridicule makes you stronger? (How is it I never added a “nonsense” category to… Read more »

Geek Toys On My Radar

Currently on my shopping list: – Draytek 2910G Dual Wan broadband modem. I own a Draytek 2600VG already — Draytek is probably one of the best modem manufacturers these days…. Read more »

I Am Murloc

I Am Murloc is the summer ’07 hit for WoW players. Winning a Murloc scream contest against your guildmates on TeamSpeak is a key element of geek cred. I’m glad… Read more »