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spam, spamt, spamt (tr. v.)

I’ve just single-handedly decided that "to spam" should be an irregular verb. 08/09/02 update: Rick asks "Shouldn’t it be spam, spum, spamt?" No, spum is too cute, while spamt sounds… Read more »

PCs in vintage boxen

Retrosystem: "Currently we’re working with Amiga 1000 cases, Atari 2600 cases and the original NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) console game case. We’re using some of the smallest commercially available Windows/Linux… Read more »

AOL: Add It Up

Saltire: "Let’s take a look back at this mess: The acquisition of something old by something new: $165 billion AOLTW’s write-off of the purchase one year later: $54 billion Amount… Read more »