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5K award entries

Great entries as usual, from Wolfenstein 5K to this awesome animation box. This one looks like an old Amiga intro. The people who do this are just amazing. There are… Read more »

Muxway, or why I love the web

Anil points us to Muxway, which looks like Robot Wisdom, though its links are not related to current events, and not commented beyond a metatag or two. Muxway is a… Read more »


Avalon is an Arthurian gothic cyberpunk movie shot in Poland by a Japanese director! I already loved Mamoru Oshii’s animations Ghost in the Shell and Jin-Roh (he directed the former… Read more »

Among the Bourbon Barons

Matt Labash loves Kentucky bourbon and Tennessee whiskey, and so do I. My favorites: Jim Beam and Wild Turkey, Jack Daniel’s and George Dickel. I should do a pilgrimage in… Read more »