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Tapping the alpha geek noosphere

Rob Flickenger: "If only there were some way of getting into the collective stream-of-consciousness of the crowd, to gauge their actual reactions to what was really going on up on… Read more »

Who Reads What and Why

Found on Rick Klau’s weblog: "1. The Wall Street Journal is read by the people who run the country. 2. The New York Times is read by people who think… Read more »

SUN sues MS: BWahhaahhahahaha!

Julian Bond: "What’s wrong with this picture? Can’t SUN compete by just shipping better code, dammit? Macromedia seem to be able to manage this with Flash and Director, why not… Read more »

What Do BigCo consultants buy?

Here’s what works for the profession as a whole. Now some details: Accenture: business for dummies Arthur Andersen: how to creatively valuate a company Booz Allen & Hamilton: close more… Read more »

Andersen Changes Name, Blasts Other Guys

SatireWire: "’You must be mistaken, Congressman. Enron has never been a client of our firm,’ replied Altaccis CEO Joshua Karnopolous (formerly Joseph Berardino)."