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Latin Drum Grooves

The full drumset is not really a central instrument in Latin music (as opposed to a bunch of percussion instruments), nonetheless many Latin grooves are playable on a drumkit, especially… Read more »

Apparat – Walls

Walls is one of those albums showing that two decades in, electronic music still has legs. There’s really good stuff coming from Germany these days. I haven’t been in Berlin… Read more »

Midi Madness

The key with digital music gear porn is to only wank to it and resist buying stuff you’re likely to play with for 30 minutes then forget in a closet…. Read more »

FXPansion BFD2: Oooh, Sexy!

As hardware improved those last three years, live triggering of PC-based soft samplers has become a reality for edrums players. I’ve been having fun for a while with my Roland… Read more »

Icky Thump Thumps, Ain’t Icky

10 years on, the White Stripes rock on. Their latest album is an instant classic. Saying you’re enjoying rock albums is the self-inflicted Carbon 14 for music listeners, right? Well… Read more »

Random Music Recommendations

It’s been a while since I last posted pointers to music that got my attention, so here we go: Ruins – Stonehenge: harsh but entertaining prog rock from Japan. Roots… Read more »

Italian Renaissance Jazz!

Gianluigi Trovesi’s Around Small Fairy Tales is an eerie fusion of 16th century Italian music and jazz. If you like both genres, you’ll fall under the spell of this sophisticated… Read more »