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See how they vote

Stephen Dulaney: "YahooMegaVote an email subscription service where you provide your zip code and the service returns an email with the names of your representatives in Washington and how they… Read more »

France Doesn’t Fail to Fail

Global Competitiveness Report 2002-2003: France slides from 20th to 30th. Fits perfectly with the rosy picture painted by Socialists Apparatchiks who keep claiming (even after they spectacularly lost the latest… Read more »

Up Against the Firewall

Red Herring: "U.S. technology companies are helping China build its Big Brother Internet–the political fallout has already begun. […] Technology companies should avoid the Chinese Internet pledge and the national… Read more »

Left-wing absolutism

Nick Denton: "I finally understand why the Left has failed over the last two decades. It has stopped trying to persuade. […] For the Left, or at least for my… Read more »