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BountyQuest Subverted?

Tim O’Reilly: “You indicate that you hope that this site [BountyQuest] will improve the patent system by establishing a forum for posters to seek prior art in return for a… Read more »

Coexisting with Email

Ray Ozzie’s interview by Jon Udell: “Jon: How can Groove best co-exist with the current e-mail habit, while at the same time reforming that habit? Ray: As you are subtly… Read more »

Java Remains and Lessons

PC Magazine: Java for 1998 (04/9/98) – 2 1/2 years later, look at that graveyard. Activerse Ding!, Lotus eSuite, Netmosphere ActionPlan, Divya infoBook, all these collaborative productivity webified you-name-it apps were terminated…. Read more »

What is openCOLA?

openCOLA: "No software system—no matter how sophisticated—can hope to reliably find all documents that a given person would find meaningful without some human intervention. Rather than envision a future in… Read more »