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What is e-numerate?

e-numerate?: "Software for interactive numbers. […] With enumerate’s technology, numbers can be manipulated, graphed, searched, analyzed, and displayed instantly across the Web just as text is today – all with… Read more »

What is NextBus?

What is NextBus?: "NextBus uses Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites to provide real-time transit arrival information – not just schedules – to passengers and managers of public transit." Here’s how… Read more »

The Other Road Ahead

Paul Graham: "There is now another way to deliver software that will save users from becoming system administrators. Web-based applications are programs that run on Web servers and use Web… Read more »

What is Avinon?

Avinon NetScenario Studio: "is a fully integrated, browser-based environment designed for use by business analysts and e-business consultants to plan, design, publish, continuously enhance and manage online business services." They… Read more »