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Blist Gets It

In August 2005 I wrote The Microsoft Office I Really Want. When I tried to engage Robert Scoble at the time on the topic, he showed he relied too much… Read more »

The Web App Orchestration Dance

As of early 2008 besides the basic LAMP stack we use the following to run our business:, Trac, Subversion (hosted at, Basecamp, Fusemail (don’t run your email off… Read more »

Google Goes Offline

Google GEARS. Now we’re talking. I’ll watch how fast this makes it into Google’s own web apps, email and calendaring being the obvious candidates. Now Microsoft can feel threatened for… Read more »

Microsoft Office Live

So Microsoft has finally decided to compete with itself instead of letting others cannibalize their core business. I’m curious to see whether this is going to be a half-hearted attempt… Read more »