Channelroll bugfix, RSS continuity

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Jon Udell:

"It strikes me that with namespace support for RSS, an element might be added that would enable aggregators to redirect in such cases. […] I’ve used a client-side redirect (HTTP-EQUIV="refresh") for the home page, but haven’t figured out how to do the same for the RSS channel. If you see a way, please clue me in. Otherwise, if you want to keep subscribing to my feed, you’ll have to switch your aggregator to the new link."

When I switched to Blogger Pro I feared I might lose some people who read me exclusively through RSS. Well, in a weird circular chain of events, Jon Udell was victim of my relocation, as well as looking for a solution to RSS continuity for himself. I should probably have published the new URL in a lost post the old RSS feed before I changed providers (from Voidstar to Blogger Pro.) Since Blogspot was down for maintenance yesterday, my old RSS link broke Jon’s feedroll.

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