Congress fears European privacy standards

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Congress fears European privacy standards (thru Backup Brain)
Another, bigger clash between European and American laws.
03/28/01 update: EU asked to tone down privacy standards.
04/25/01 update: some think the European Commission might enforce the breaking up of Microsoft worldwide. Hello!? If the Bush administration decides the DOJ won’t break them up, they’re not going to let other countries have that sort of power upon an American corporation. Reality check: when the USofA have a different position on serious matters such as banning landmines or reducing pollution, other countries just can stick their good feelings up their ass.
05/27/01 update: What If Napster Were Based in China?
06/11/01 update: Ties and Tensions: EU Relations with the United States as seen by the EU.
06/13/01 update: A Skeptical Europe Awaits Bush on 5-Day Trip.
06/27/01 update: Europe Panel Is Rethinking How It Views E-Commerce.
07/23/01 update: Union risks US ire over plans to reduce "spam".
11/30/01 update: Foreign Policy: Estranged Partners.
02/16/02 update: The Transatlantic Rift Is Getting Serious (just an example of a lot of recent articles and posts from bloggers). On a smaller scale, there’s also the recent argument about VAT collection.
03/02/02 update: Misunderstanding America, We

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