Corporate conspiracy theories

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Joshua Allen:

"[M]ost people are speculating about what Palladium is, since I doubt that most specifics are even close to being figured out within Microsoft (and Palladium is in any case a marketing catch-all, ala ".NET", "Hailstorm", "DNA", or "DNS"). And on top of these likely inaccurate speculations about what the specific Palladium feature set will be, people are calculating grand "what-if" scenarios and coming up with bad things that potentially might happen as a result of those inaccurately-guessed features. […] [I]t is a mistake to anthropomorphize BigCos too much. BigCos and governments absolutely should be on perpetual probation. But it’s more because these 800lb Gorillas might accidentally trample your house (and then try to bury it to hide the damage) than it is because they might try to sneak inside and steal your silverware."

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