Cory Doctorow is Writing Alternate History

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Here‘s a revealing quote:

"She had two junior surveyors with her, all of them loaded with positioning gear that tied in to Galileo, the European GPS network — the Galileo gear cost a fortune, but they’d found that their American GPS kit often mysteriously stopped working when they were working on projects in the territorial USA. They’d ordered the Euro stuff from a bunch of anti-globalization activists who’d found that the same thing happened in any city hosting an economic summit. Europeans were more likely to treat infrastructure as sacrosanct, while the U.S. was only too happy to monkey with GPS for tactical reasons."

Emphasis is mine. This is hilarious, I only wish it’s intentionally so. First, the EU is for all practical purposes a totalitarian superset of countries. Secondly, France, one of its influential members and a prominent backer of Galileo, routinely does illegal phone wiretapping (if you complain about it, they might stop it, though they won’t admit they did it) and holds secret files on thousands of its citizens (anyone remotely important or involved in business, politics and religion is filed by the Renseignements G

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