Digital project #1: A visual family tree of eyes

We just bought a camcorder (a Canon XL1S), and it’s going to be a long job to master it. In the meantime we can also use it as a camera, which we’ll really get us into digital photography, because there’s only so much we could do with our Quickcam Traveler (a web cam that also takes low-end photos).
The first project we started is something that wasn’t really possible before digital pictures. We’re going to build a visual family tree, made of close shots focused on the eyes. There is so much emotion, color and complexity in the eyes (the "mirrors of the soul") that I thought they’d deserve dedicated pictures. And people always want to know where the eyes "are coming from," so 4,000 years down the road, our descendents will be able to do just that, provided each generation has done a good job at procreation and has kept updating the database!
I’ll post a sample when I’ve gathered all the pictures I need (which involves some travel.)
11/11/02 update: I didn’t gather all the pictures I need yet, and a big camcorder is not exactly the most practical camera either, so we’re going to add a digital camera to our gear. Meanwhile, this is indirectly relevant: Software aims to put your life on a disk.

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